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How many theatre companies have been formed? What are their manifestos? What are they spending their budget on?
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  1. Figure of 8 is a recently formed Theatre company based in Lincoln. Figure of 8 is born out of eight University of Lincoln, 2nd Drama students who all enjoy and have a huge passion for theatre. For our current module “Theatre Company” we have formed our very own collective of hard-working and enthusiastic individuals who have a great interest in theatre and its making.

    Figure of 8 Theatre Company aim to…Well thats exactly what we are about. The ellipses right there is for you to fill in. Obviously like most theatre we intend to entertain our audience and hope that whoever is watching enjoys our work and potentially takes something away with them, or atleast leave thinking about what they have seen. But at the same time, we believe there is no right or wrong answer. We are not here to tell you that you should have felt a certain way, or come to any specific conclusion. Figure of 8 simply provides you with the jigsaw pieces for you to create the puzzle.

    We enjoy making theatre that allows us the explore different methods and directions of theatre in a new and inventive way, which also enables the actors to engage with the audience in order to maintain a level of interation, and grasp the attention and focus of the audience. People tend to enjoy an experience more when they are involved. We aim to use our audience to enforce these intentions.

    The name “Figure of 8″ and i’m sure most of you think this, didn’t just derive from the fact that there are eight of us. There is in fact a much deeper meaning. Deciding on a Theatre Company name is actually a very difficult challenge, finding something short and catching that may perhaps sum up what your theatre company is about or intends to achieve. Some of our first company names included…

    What it is Theatre Company, Open-Minded Theatre Company, Blank Canvas, Empty Stage, Vision, Bare Necessities, Hybrid, New Perspectives, Re-Imaginings, Endless Possibilites, Infinity, 2 Left Shoes and “Figure of 8″

    These initial ideas for possible Theatre Company names may give you even more insight into what we are about and intend to achieve. We decided on Figure of 8 because we thought it was short and catchy and had a bit of a ring to it. But also because of what a “Figure of 8 symbol” represents; Infinity, endless, unity, coming together (as one) formation, continuation, repetition, movement and fluidity.These are all elements of performance and our company.

    On the 4th May, 6pm. As part of “The Mightly Buchner” evening at the University of Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LPAC) You can particpate in Figure of 8′s performance of Woyzeck by Georg Buchner. Also that evening Amplified Illusions version of Leonce and Lena: Jilted lovers and Broken Hearts. Tickets are £3 (£2 concessions) Not suitable for under 16′s, limited tickets available.

    Thank for for taking the time to find out more about Figure of 8. We hope to see you at the show! =)

    Best Wishes,

    Figure of 8.

  2. Beki-Jo Sellers says:

    Outside number 10 productions exist to create a fusion of politics and entertainment. The socially engaged theatre company provide you with truthful and non biased facts as they think it is up to the individual to make their own opinions. Our belief is that politics must be accessible to all, and this is why our performances are not strictly ruled by the need for a stage. Outside number 10 productions understand that today’s politics are clouded with jargon, and we strive to get underneath this un- necessary verbal vomit and provide you with an exciting, humorous and engaging, yet informative piece of theatre that will really get you under the skin of those running our country.

  3. Rebecca Britten says:

    Hi everyone ,

    We are Projected Xamples and we will be presenting our first professional performance together “Parental Guidance” on Friday the 6th of May on the main stage at the LPAC, as part of the “Big Issue” Dramaturgy night.

    Projected Xamples is a small to middle scale national touring theatre company producing Young People’s Theatre.

    Our work focusses primarily on young people and their experience. We seek to weave creative experiences for our young audiences which entertain, engage and inspire, producing new and innovative work which explores topical issues that connect with young people today.

    We work collaboratively, as an ensemble, specialising in new writing and in contemporary performance. The work we make uses multi-disciplinary approaches to create performances that stimulate, provoke and amuse our audiences.

    We aim to push the boundaries of what performance is, tackling subjects and styles that others may hide from in order to challenge our audience about what they believe is right and wrong, and to question where they stand on issues of serious interest and importance to young people.

    Projected X-amples looks at a society in crisis through the eyes of a young girl and her difficult daily struggle in life at the hands of anti-social individuals at school, and the obstacles she faces to survive. In this Exciting, Innovative and Contempory performance, this is the play that really questions what would you do in her situation and who you really are …

    “She’s Gonna get it …”

    Hope you can all make it – It’s going to be a fantastic show that we are very proud of and have worked hard to create.

    Projected Xamples.

  4. Adam Rush says:

    Hi all,

    We are ‘Ssh…! Theatre Company’ and on Saturday the 7th of May we will be performing ‘Beyond Wedekind’ at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre.

    Ssh…! strives to communicate with adolescents through the emotional stimulus of the theatre. As a student based company on the cusp of adulthood, our diverse personal experiences have enabled us to echo the authentic voice of youth. ‘Silence Sometimes Hurts’ aims to mentally and physically evoke a sense of shock and extremis. By reflecting an impression of society, Ssh …! enlightens an audience to the brutality of life as an adolescent.

    Through the physical and visual violation of an audience, our performances will bombard their senses and create theatrical communion. By anchoring the audience to the centre of our productions, our work utilizes their presence as a catalyst for the action.


  5. Ashton says:

    Hello All,

    I suppose now is an ideal oppourtunity for our Theatre Company to introduce itself. After much deliberation, we now have a company name;

    ‘Amplified Illusion’

    You’re probably now wondering how we came about forming our name. Why ‘Amplified Illusion’? More than anything, we loved the image the name created. After all, theatre cannot succeed without a combination of illusion created through performance and of course, the audiences imagination. Theatre takes an individual, or a group of individuals representation of ideas (The ‘Illusion’ they wish to create) and shows it to a wider audience – or ‘Amplifies’ it.

    Here is a look at our manifesto:

    Working in a Theatre Company is not just working with collegues. We believe you become friends who will thrive on supporting each other like a family. Through our performances we invite the audience to join this family.

    Theatre should not preach but inform, not always educate but sometimes simply entertain. An audience should be able to take from a perfromance any questions or lessons that they have found for themselves and were not forced to notice. We aim to create primarily entertaining pieces of theatre with morals and issues that an audience may or may not choose to ponder.

    To break the “typical theatre goer” stereotype – as a company we aim to break the mold and create a theatre that is open to all ages, races, walks of life.

    And finally…

    The future of theatre lies within the hands of new and talented writers and actors. We shall focus on bringing to life new theatrical work, setting to one side the classics such as Shakespeare and Chekov, and working with a team of raw and undiscovered playwrights to lead the way in the development of theatre as we know it.

    We hope this has provided you with a clear introduction to who we are and what we are about.

    Amplified Illusion.

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