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We don’t often think about the importance of a theatre company’s name – until we’re actually put into the position of having to think of one.  Then it suddenly dawns on you how difficult it is to find the right name – something that perhaps sums up the kind of theatre you are making, what unites your group of performers, or perhaps something that is more elusive, suggestive, intriguing.

On Tuesday, we are hosting Little Bulb Theatre Company who are coming here to perform their award-winning show Crocosmia.  What, I wonder, does their name suggest to you?  Does it suggest anything at all?  In a world where we are always encouraged to think ‘big’ calling yourself ‘little’ might be thought to be something of an impediment for starters.  And why ‘bulb’?  What is the significance of that?  One of things we know from our study of drama and theatre is that everything is significant so I’m interested to read your responses to the name issue.


One of the interesting things about this theatre company is they started out, just like your own emergent theatre companies, from a university Drama course.  It just goes to show that maybe one day the companies you have formed may go on to have lives elsewhere….

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  1. says:

    COMPACT, MOBILE, ACCESSIBLE… Thinking about this theatre company I imagine a small ball, a knob, something I could embrace in my palm and watch it closely. A circular shape, which could move quickly and gracefully through the space; it could jump, roll, run, trundle on the stage space and it could effortlessly tour from one place to another to perform for different people. The name suggests story telling style full of creative pranks which could entertain the youngest spectators and the adults as well…

    LITTLE IS MORE… When I hear ‘Little Bulb’ name it transforms me into the childhood territory, ruled by animated objects, where the sense of objects size changes, when you feel free to play, to believe it in a world inhabited by your powerful imagination. ‘Bulb’ could transform to endless possible qualities, a sleeping flower, a growing bubble gum, a flying balloon, a jumping egg, a talking head, a bristling hedgehog, a smiling doughnut, a wide open eye…
    Let see on Tuesday if this is true..?

  2. Caroline Lamb says:

    To me, the name Little Bulb has its merits, but I can see how the word ‘little’ may act as a hindrance. At the same time, though, it may suggest a close-knit, select group of people, which may be more of a positive thing. I suppose the modesty of it might be considered quite charming too.
    ‘Bulb’, on the other hand, may suggest two things – a lightbulb (for ideas and innovation – something that to me seems fun and a little cartoony), or the bulb of a plant (suggesting growth, development, the ‘seed’ of an idea growing into something big).
    I’m not a huge fan of the name, as I can understand how it may be problematic, but I can see the meaning in it. I’d be interested to see if the company produces the sort of work I’d expect from the name.

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